A Worrying Development

As I checked my Google Mail today, I happened to notice that one of the advertisements was for a “Bill O’Reilly Podcast”. Apparently, the contents of my e-mail messages mark me as the sort of person who would be interested in the deranged rantings of reactionary, narcissistic Fox News anchors. Awesome.


Alex Trebek: Many of Geoffrey Chaucer’s works were first printed around 1477 by this man, England’s first printer.
My wife: Who is Penguin.

Every Jeopardy! question ever.

Music for babies

I’ve been trying to figure out some good playlists for baby music. The music they have at Babies’R’Us is all horrible Casiotone stuff, and prolonged exposure is sure to drive me insane and make the kid stupid.

Here’s my current #1 list:

No Surprises / Radiohead
Big Soft Punch / The Clean
Early Morning Breeze / Dolly Parton
Only The Lonely / Chris Isaak
When I Was Drinking / Hem
Redemption Song / Bob Marley
Georgia On My Mind / Willie Nelson
She’s A Jar / Wilco
Pancho & Lefty / Emmylou Harris
Better Be Home Soon / Kasey Chambers
Sweet Jane / Cowboy Junkies
The Road / Mark Knopfler

Anyone have any good suggestions?

The Amazon 30 Day Price Guarantee

Turns out Amazon has a price guarantee. If you buy a product and its price falls within 30 days of your purchase they will refund you the difference. They don’t advertise this at all, but they will do it if you ask. So no need to watch Amazon’s prices to get the best deal possible anymore.

Slate has an article which suggests that you have to ring Amazon to get the refund. I was able to successfully request one over the web. Just go through the normal refund process on the Amazon website, and request that they refund you the difference in price consistent with their “30 Day Price Guarantee”. You should get an e-mail from them within 24 hours.

Sticking with the Amazon theme, here’s a cool search tool to help you find items that will get you up to the magic $25 mark that makes an order eligible for “Free Super Saver Shipping.”